Making cities better, together

Take the complexity out of urban data

Collect geo-reference data.

Online, offline, in teams.

See results immediately.

Map, filter, export to other software.

Customize to your needs.

Create surveys, trace routes, count.

Make informed decisions about your city

Focus day to day activities or inform decades-long master plans. Our technology has helped cities in many ways, including:

Studying pedestrian activity to improve walkability in public areas.

Updating land use maps to inform new development.

Assessing the state of public infrastructure to better target maintenance work.

Surveying business activity to assess the success of recovery efforts.

Tracing public transit routes and counting passengers to provide better services for your denizens.

Fuente makes collecting and making sense of urban data easy.

Driven by technology we invented at MIT

Our technology is based on the Flocktracker technology we developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology. Flocktracker has helped city governments and researchers alike to learn key insights about their cities and make better decisions based upon the new knowledge. The technology has been validated in over 30 different projects around the world by more than 800 people.

What People Say About Our Technology

“The tool would open the doors to solve our community’s issues better.”

Palas Bravo
Historical Center Team, City Hall Office, Veracruz, Mexico

“… a watershed tool for an experiment about citizen collaboration and the generation of data in the city.”

Diego Cuesy
Public Policy Analyst, Laboratorio para la Ciudad Mexico City, Mexico

“… the software allowed me to identify survey biases as they occurred and adjust in order to capture responses from more women. It also provided a useful way of checking surveyors in the field.”

Erick Guerra
Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, United States

“… facilitates real time collection of information that is also georeferenced. Our research about safe mobility, college safety or school safety requires knowledge of where, when and how phenomena of violence and delinquency are occurring; the software eases the collection of this information.”

Angélica Garnica Sosa
General Director, Planeación y Desarrollo, S.C. Mexico City, Mexico

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